Safety Citizenship: The Gold Standard of Safety Culture

Organisations need to invest in all four dimensions of safety culture to effectively manage risk and create a strong and positive safety culture. But what does good look like? And how do you get there? Safety citizenship is the gold standard of safety culture. It represents a significant opportunity for organisations to capitalise on their greatest asset—their […]

Understanding Safety Culture Maturity

Safety Culture Maturity Model

Safety Culture Investing in your safety environment and practices is important to achieving safety compliance. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary. But when it comes to investing in your safety culture, this will only take you so far. To truly shift your safety culture, you must invest in your people. You may genuinely believe that you […]

Is Your Safety Culture Helping or Hindering Compliance?

Traditionally, health and safety efforts have focused on the physical parts of an organisation. The environment in which people work, along with the tools, equipment, machinery and substances that are used to perform work, should be risk assessed and any hazardous conditions managed as effectively as possible. This requirement is enshrined in WHS legislation, both […]

Safety Citizenship at Ergon Energy [Podcast]

Over two years, Ergon Energy saw a 68% increase in leaders’ ability to have effective safety interactions; a 12% increase in willingness to report incidents and errors; and an 18% increase in workplace safety climate. In this podcast, Sentis CEO Anthony Gibbs and Ergon Energy Executive Peter Billing talk safety citizenship and its impact on the way safety is managed by […]

Sentis Safety Wins Top Spot at 31st SIOP Conference

The Sentis approach to safety culture diagnosis and measurement has been roundly endorsed at the 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP) held in California in April 2016. Sentis’ paper outlining its approach to measuring the maturity of a company’s safety culture was selected as a top ten submission and awarded special presentation at the […]

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