Making Safety Personal

Psychology-based programs and assessments designed to empower your people.

We equip and empower employees to work safely

Not because they have to, but because they want to

By supporting organisations to transform safety cultures and create safer workplaces, we have evolved our approach and philosophy to be about more than just the reduction of harm. Our focus is on using safety to improve the quality of life for individuals and, consequently, greater efficiency and operational success for organisations. It’s a culture we refer to as Positive Safety.

Positive safety is about leading and supporting

Positive safety addresses the physical, social and psychological aspects of safety, resulting in an environment that supports each individual to bring the best of themselves to work.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to safety

Positive safety is a flexible approach that seeks to provide a practical, evidence-based set of principles to help organisations identify their strengths, improve their operations and, in turn, improve their safety culture.

Safety is more than an absence of harm

Safety is a presence of something greater – a sense of security, confidence, clarity and high performance. Safety means protecting people for something, not from something.

Diagnostics & Assessment

Improve your safety culture with our end-to-end safety culture diagnostic and assessment tools

Leadership Development

Support your leaders to enact safety culture change

Team Development

Align teams and create a strong foundation and drive for continuous safety improvement

Process Improvement

Streamline organisational systems to empower individuals and leaders to foster a daily Positive Safety culture

Assurance & Review

Find out how to better manage high-risk work activities and improve safety outcomes with our critical control assurance solutions

Psychosocial Safety

Fostering a culture of positive safety that promotes wellbeing, productivity, innovation, and inclusiveness

Here’s how you can transform your workplace with a Positive Safety Culture


Step One

Understand your safety challenges


Step Two

Work with us to create a roadmap for improvement that is specific to your needs


Step Three

Embark on your journey to a Positive Safety culture, supporting your employees to achieve better results in work and in life

What people say about Sentis

Highly recommend this course. Have suggested my partner should tell his work about it as it would be useful for them too.

95% of program attendees would recommend Sentis to others.

Very well delivered, I’m confident our workers will benefit from this. I’ve had 18 years in the industry but this is the program that I’ve found most value in.

91% of program attendees rated Sentis “above” or “far above average” in comparison to other programs in their organisation.

Often with training, you are lucky to walk away with one (maybe two) key takeaways that you may use. However in the Leading Safety training, I think I remember every concept that was shared. Furthermore each concept is relevant to my work, and I walk away after the training able to readily apply each concept.

97% of program attendees will apply something they learned immediately to their work.

Excellent and incredibly engaging facilitators. I’m leaving feeling more confident as a leader.

97% of program attendees found the facilitation of the program to be of a high quality.

Leading Safety

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Sentis is proud to have invested more than $2.25 million in purchasing, restoring and managing 465 ha of land in the Pillar Valley NSW as part of our commitment to a more sustainable future.

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