The challenge

Safety culture flows from the top of every organisation.

However, not all leaders are equipped or empowered to help their teams operate in positive safety cultures.

The solution

The quality of your safety leadership directly impacts the strength of your organisation’s performance.

Identify your leaders’ safety strengths and areas for improvement with the safety leadership assessment.

Sentis Safety Leadership Model

Effective safety leadership is crucial for strong safety performance, and is defined by eight critical behaviours.

Identify leaders' strengths and opportunities to inform targeted training and coaching.



Perceptions of safety and leadership ability



360° online survey



Individual reports and debrief sessions for leaders and a report to inform organisation-wide development initiatives

The outcome


Help your leaders with insights about their safety leadership capabilities. Empower them to capitalise their strengths and opportunity areas.


Create a positive safety culture through your leaders where they can drive positive employee performance such as safety, productivity, quality and engagement.


Use as a self-report tool by individual leaders for self-reflection, or as a multisource (360 degree) feedback process to provide clarity around how their safety leadership capability is perceived by others.

Scientifically validated

Assess eight scientifically validated elements of effective safety leadership.

Make the choice for safety

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