The challenge

The health of your organisation’s safety climate is changing constantly, and is dependent on production demands, resourcing and changes in policy, leadership or organisational structure.

Infrequent safety climate surveys can only capture a snapshot of the climate of your organisation, leading to insights with a limited shelf life.

The solution

Real safety culture change is born out of a deep understanding and appreciation for your people—their safety attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.

Regular safety climate surveys help you to keep your finger on the pulse and gather valuable insights from your people.

Boost your safety performance with our digital data insights tool.



Choose from a library of more than 100 safety climate survey items



Share the link across your organisation



Compare past survey results and benchmark your safety climate via your online dashboard

The outcome

Easy to use

Implement short, online, surveys and measure important components of safety culture across your organisation or individual teams.


Use the safety climate pulse to keep helpful safety behaviours fresh and front of mind.


Stay in tune with your people’s safety perceptions and attitudes to make faster, more informed decisions about your allocation of resources, safety initiatives and improvement plans.


Increase organisation-wide buy-in for improving safety culture by providing leaders and team members with frequent opportunities to report and share their views about safety.

The Sentis Portal

Your online dashboard is easy to use and presents your Safety Climate Pulse data in an easy-to-understand style, so you can zone into the details and track change over time.

Access more than 100 safety climate items and measure what matters to your organisation

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