New Sentis Study Uncovers the State of Safety Culture Across Industry

Only 14% of organisational sites operate from a positive safety culture, according to a new study of 73 sites across agriculture, construction, government, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and utilities. For organisations whose sites fall into the remaining 86%, operating from a negative or unhelpful safety culture carries an increased risk of serious incidents […]

Tip the Scales in Your Favour: The Perceived Value of Safety Reporting

Underreporting of safety incidents is one of the largest issues holding back your organisation’s safety efforts. Not only does it give you a false perception about the state of your workplace safety, it also robs you of countless opportunities to prevent significant safety incidents from happening. With potential safety issues being swept under the rug, […]

The Dangers of a Compliance-Only Approach to Safety

Safety seems to be looking good. As you walk around site you notice people wearing PPE, procedures being followed, hazards being reported and teams mentioning safety during pre-starts. You stop to check the incident rate. It hasn’t changed. Team members are still getting hurt. You can’t remember the last time someone provided a suggestion to improve […]

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