Underreporting and the Implications for Serious Injury Management

critical control management with a worker hooking up their safety harness

Incident underreporting impacts the number of serious injury fatalities and incidents within organisations. A recent analysis of over 2,000 incidents and near misses within mining and engineering services shows that one in five incidents have a serious fatality outcome potential. Yet many organisations struggle to classify serious incidents, and as a result, about 45% of […]

Sentis research wins top honours at IOP conference

Sentis research into the drivers of safety incident underreporting has been recognised at the Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) 13th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference, held in Adelaide from 11-13 July 2019. The conference, which was attended by more than 400 professionals, featured speakers from around the world including Sentis’ Principal Consultant, Ben Carnell. Ben presented Sentis’ latest research […]

Follow the Leader: Are Your Safety Leaders Contributing To Your Safety Problems?

When looking at the prevalence of underreporting of safety issues within your organisation, it’s easy to shift the blame to the frontline workers who seem to be perpetuating the problem. But when you take a step back and let the research do the talking, the data suggests that the exact opposite might be happening. You […]

Tip the Scales in Your Favour: The Perceived Value of Safety Reporting

Underreporting of safety incidents is one of the largest issues holding back your organisation’s safety efforts. Not only does it give you a false perception about the state of your workplace safety, it also robs you of countless opportunities to prevent significant safety incidents from happening. With potential safety issues being swept under the rug, […]

5 Reasons for Underreporting and What You Can Do About It

Jim* had been working in the same blue-collar role for over 30 years. His shift began at 3 am every day. Before starting any work, he was required to complete at least 15 different checks on the machinery he was due to operate. When asked what he’d do if the machinery didn’t meet the required […]

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