Leadership Coaching

Sentis offers leadership coaching using Sentis’ CogCoach model to develop your leaders’ skills, build their confidence and improve performance. The model combines best practices from across coaching literature in organisational environments and creates a streamlined approach to help facilitate the best and most effective coaching experience in any organisational setting. The objective of CogCoach is to ensure that consistent and necessary processes and milestones are achieved in each coaching engagement.

What’s involved

  • Each coaching session is scheduled to last 45 minutes via Skype
  • All coaching sessions lead to clear action plans
  • Your Sentis coach will assist you to determine the key results you want to achieve in relation to:
    • building or enhancing trust within your team,
    • generating more engagement and stronger performance towards a common goal
    • developing your coaching skills to build a high performing team
    • nurturing a stronger learning culture.

How you will benefit

Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to:

  • Further explore the key concepts discussed in the leadership webinar series
  • Develop more elaborate action plans for target areas where you would like to see more positive outcomes
  • Consult with and be coached by our experienced consultants
  • Explore more strategies to leverage off your strengths and enhance your leadership skills

Find out more about accessing leadership coaching through our leadership webinar series.