We believe safer people act on their reasons to stay safe.

So, we help people and organisations claim better, safer ways to live and work. This creates enduring flow-on effects and lasting quality of life.

This is why we do what we do: to help organisations get more of their people home safe and well to their Personal Big5™ every day.


Grounded, experienced, knowledgeable and bold

People come first at Sentis. And, we believe in walking the talk. We’re committed to living out our values each and every day—not just within our business, but with our clients as well.

Bring our passion
Bring our passion

We embrace each day with energy and a sense of adventure. Changing lives means creating experiences that matter, every day. We are true to who we are, present in the moment and bring a sense of fun. We love what we do and make every instance count.

Own it
Own it

We are responsible for making things happen. We choose our attitude, accept our fears and face the hurdles. We test ourselves to find new solutions. We start important conversations, use our strengths and always back ourselves.

Seek mastery
Seek mastery

We are better than yesterday and search for the highest version of ourselves. We push our boundaries, drive forward and continually evolve. We are curious to learn and ready for challenge. We celebrate success and learn from failure, explore the unknown and embrace the climb.

Show you care
Show we care

We trust others, expect the best and support everyone for the win. We discover opportunities to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. We put our hands up if we need help. We have each other’s back and believe in our team.

iMind initiative

The iMind initiatives focus on three areas: personal health, safety and wellbeing, and land conservation and endangered species.

iMind initiatives have included:

  • Autism project (Ky's Story)
  • Banyula land conservation
  • Buy A Bale Campaign to support drought effected farmers
  • Township campaign to raise money to build a water source for an African village
  • Clontarf visit to deliver Sentis programs to indigenous boys in Moree in partnership with GrainCorp
  • providing laptops to a school in Vietnam in partnership with BHP.

Giving Back

In addition to formal iMind projects, we engage in regular charitable initiatives throughout the year. Recent initiatives have included:

  • Footy Colours Day
  • Bad Tie 4 Brainchild
  • Steptember
  • Wesley Mission Red Bag Appeal

and many more...

Help us change people’s lives for the better