Scott Amy


Scott brings a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of clients and industries, including aviation, finance and professional services, mining and resources, military, health, manufacturing, retail, and not-for-profits to help individuals, teams and organisations lead and manage change successfully. 

An accomplished senior change instigator, Scott has maintained and grown a practice of diagnosing, designing, and delivering on outcomes that drive change. His diverse experience involves organisational culture shifts, diagnostic assessments and coaching, leadership growth, behavioural change and the development and enablement of individuals and teams to create effective mindsets to perform more effectively. His career has been in support of Sentis’ mission of changing the lives of individuals and organisations for the better, every day. 

Prior to joining Sentis, Scott worked as the Client Services Director of an international training firm across eight countries building stakeholder engagement, designing client solutions, tailoring and delivering training, creating inhouse capacity, and maintaining quality assurance of all services. 

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