At Sentis, we approach safety holistically and use our understanding of workplace psychology to help you improve every area of your business.

We connect with your teams and leaders and help them make authentic, life-saving choices in their work environments. We support organisations to improve their safety culture towards the goal of safety citizenship.

Drive authentic change

At Sentis, we move beyond safety actions and explore safety motivations—people’s internal attitudes, values and beliefs that drive us to make safe choices.

We help organisations shift from a culture of blame and avoidance, to one of responsibility and accountability. And for those that are more mature, we help them take their safety performance to the next level.

How we drive culture transformation

Common language

Our training helps you to create a common language for safety in your workplace.

Regardless of education or experience, everyone in your team understands key safety concepts and contributes to a healthy safety culture.

Culture of active care

We promote a culture of active care within your leaders and teams.

Active care prioritises safety and builds it into everyday practices. Every worker is empowered to raise issues publicly in meetings and training sessions, or privately with leadership.

Equip people with transferable skills

Keep your people safe—not just at work but at home, too.

Everything we train your people to do can be applied at home. Your people are better equipped to deal with stress, to focus and stay safe in every area of life.

Safety leadership

We engage with leaders at every stage of the process.

Safety leadership is crucial to creating mature safety cultures. We work with your leaders to help them reflect and foster better skills and safety culture in your organisation.

Make safety interesting

Move beyond tick-and-flick safety mentality and get real about safety.

We make safety interesting by empowering your people to take safety personally and to see it as a vital choice with life-changing outcomes.

Discover how to transform your safety culture