The challenge

Research shows that one in five recordable incidents and near misses have serious or fatal outcome potential—regardless of the actual outcome severity*. Yet many organisations struggle to consistently classify their more serious incidents.

The solution

Equip leaders with more accurate data, enabling them to respond to, inquire about and provide precious resources to the high severity events that matter most with our Incident Severity Analysis.

Pinpoint key opportunities to improve safety outcomes



Frequency and prevalence of high-severity potential incidents and the accuracy of their classification



Online desktop analysis



Interactive reporting, including recommendations for improvement

The outcome


Understand where to focus valuable time and resources to ensure no high-risk events are overlooked and no time is wasted investigating events with little to no serious incident potential


Receive an impartial and independent review of incident data and break down the analysis by business division and/or operation


Identify the system and culture factors that perpetuate undesirable exposure and repeat incidents, and receive a pragmatic set of recommendations to support improvement

Interactive Reporting

Your online dashboard is easy to use and presents your comprehensive Meta Incident Analysis data in an easy-to-understand style.

“Their work was excellent and their critical thinking helped inform health and safety priorities, including identifying opportunities to enhance our integration of work planning with critical risk management; strengthening our broader control and critical control assurance approach."

GM HSE, Mining and Power Generation

This service is delivered by Sentis in conjunction with Incident Analytics Pty Ltd.
*10-36% range; 21% average in 2015 study (Martin & Black, 2015) Preventing serious injuries and fatalities. Professional Safety, 60(9), 35-42

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