The challenge

Many operations struggle to realise full benefit from incident investigations and the corrective actions that follow. As a result, weak controls fly under the radar and serious incidents tend to repeat over time.

The solution

Uncover the precursors to serious incidents and identify the system and culture factors that lead to reoccurrence. Help set workers and leaders up for success with our Meta Incident Analysis. Identify key focus areas that will lead to greater confidence and assurance that the right critical controls are enabled within your business.

Gain insight into your serious incident data to better manage high-risk work activities and improve safety outcomes



Comprehensive strengths and opportunities across human, local and organisational factors



Online desktop analysis



Detailed and interactive reporting, including recommendations for improved critical control management and a baseline for tracking future improvement

Meta Incident Analysis Five Steps2
Five Key Steps of Analysis

The outcome


Identify your organisation’s greatest opportunity for managing critical risk and high-severity potential incidents. Pair this with our Safety Culture Diagnostics to gain a holistic view of safety onsite.


Take a deep dive into your serious incident data, and leverage the insights to better manage high-risk work activities and improve safety outcomes


Identify the system and culture factors that perpetuate undesirable exposure and repeat incidents, and receive a pragmatic set of recommendations to support improvement

Interactive Reporting

Your online dashboard is easy to use and presents your comprehensive Meta Incident Analysis data in an easy-to-understand style.

Case Study

Following a fatality and sequence of high-potential near misses, a large mining organisation with over 11 sites in Australia used the Meta Incident Analysis to better understand organisational factors and precursors that were still prevalent in the organisation long after the incidents occurred. This informed strategy, improved severity classification and led to a shift in decluttering work practices and a more targeted focus on building capacity in critical risk management.

This service is delivered by Sentis in conjunction with Incident Analytics Pty Ltd.

Transform your safety culture

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