The challenge

People’s perceptions and attitudes toward safety often exist below their conscious awareness. This makes it difficult to accurately assess the health of your organisation’s safety culture.

The solution

Onsite Safety Evaluations go deeper. When our boots hit the ground in your organisation, we collect meaningful qualitative insights from your people through interviews, focus groups and observations.

OSE Roadmap
Insights-to-Action Roadmap

Benchmark your safety culture maturity between and across sites



Safety attitudes, beliefs and behaviours



Face-to-face interviews, focus groups and onsite observations



Detailed and interactive reporting via the Sentis Portal, recommendations and a strategy workshop to develop a clear plan for improved safety maturity

The outcome


Identify your organisation’s greatest areas of opportunity. Our consultants are equipped to connect with your people onsite, and to capture deep attitudes and beliefs about safety.


Our in-house research team provide you with deeper, authentic qualitative insights and observations so you can better understand your teams.


Understand how your safety culture plays out at every level of your organisation—from managers to supervisors and individual team members.


Align your key stakeholders, develop a clear plan to shift your safety culture and turn the insights you gain into real, measurable action.

The Sentis Portal

Your online dashboard is easy to use and presents your Onsite Safety Evaluation data in an easy-to-understand style, so you can zone into the details or focus on larger, recurring safety culture themes onsite.

Transform your safety culture

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