The challenge

Too often, unhelpful employee perceptions and opinions about safety go unidentified or unaddressed. But understanding how your people perceive safety can help you to accurately assess your organisation’s safety climate.

The solution

Use our Safety Climate Survey to measure the critical factors contributing to your organisation’s overall safety culture—widespread behaviours, attitudes and perceptions.

Enhance your safety climate with data-rich safety behaviour insights and in-depth analysis of employee perceptions.



Comprehensive strengths and opportunities across environment, practices, person and leadership components of safety culture



Online survey (tailored to your workplace)



Detailed and interactive reporting via the Sentis Portal, including recommendations for improved safety maturity and a baseline for tracking future improvement

The outcome


Hear from everyone in your organisation or team to understand your people’s broader safety culture attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.


Identify your organisation’s greatest opportunity for safety improvement. The data you receive from surveys inform your action plan for an improved safety culture across your organisation.


Benchmark your safety climate against industry and similar organisations, measure leading indicators and track safety initiative impacts over time.

The Sentis Portal

Your online dashboard is easy to use and presents your Safety Climate Survey data in an easy-to-understand style, so you can zone into the details or focus on larger, recurring safety climate themes.

For the full picture of safety culture maturity benchmarks and comprehensive diagnostics, pair with our Onsite Safety Evaluation.

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