The challenge

Only 24% of leaders exhibit strong safety leadership. In your organisation, this could look like leaders who lack the skills and capability they need to support and influence a mature safety culture.

The solution

ZIP for leaders fills in these capability gaps with psychology-based training that helps your leaders—from executive to frontline level—to model and promote safe cultures within their teams.

Flexible delivery options are now available for all Sentis programs:

Flexible Delivery options

The ZIP for leaders module Leading a Safe Culture equips leaders with the soft skills they need to drive safety culture change.

Develop leaders' ability to improve and influence team safety performance.



The skills and tools to enhance engagement and personal ownership of safety



Four days of face-to-face training (across two modules) and program materials for a group of 15. Leaders complete two modules: ‘Taking Control of My Safety’ and ‘Leading a Safe Culture’.



Increase leaders’ ability to positively influence team safety attitudes, respectfully challenge hindering attitudes, and support employees to continuously improve their safety behaviour

Understanding ZIP in your organisation

ZIP Leaders Roadmap

Move beyond the how and address the why

ZIP training is an experiential program that explores how our internal attitudes, values and beliefs motivate us to make safe choices.

The outcome


Influence and challenge safety attitudes using psychologically based principles and build trust in teams by leading with a strong safety vision.


Find new strategies to support team members to meet role expectations and promote continuous improvement.


Participate in workshops tailored to your group needs—with resources, activities, discussions and examples of scenarios that could happen in your workplace.


Foster real change and safety citizenship through a framework that helps your leaders guide their teams to display improved safety communication, ownership, innovation and motivation.

Make the choice for safety

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