Developing Your Safety Culture Isn’t Set and Forget: The Power of Positive Safety Habits

When it comes to developing a positive safety culture, there’s often a false belief that it’s a once-off activity. You make the decision to invest in developing your culture, you run training and coaching programs across your organisation to shift your team’s perspective around safety, and you enjoy the merits of improved safety outcomes for the foreseeable […]

Shifting Attitudes to Drive Change

Every good business seeks to improve—be it through better performance, strategic developments or addressing safety concerns; however, many of these issues sit at a cultural level and so require staff engagement. While many executives have a good relationship with their staff, changing behaviours requires specialist skills; particularly when trying to retain a positive focus throughout. […]

Leading High Performing Organisations

IN A DYNAMIC AND UNCERTAIN WORLD Some say the only certainty in life is change. On the horizon shimmer impending challenges that will shake up the way work is done. Disruptive technologies, automation, increased globalisation and competition, an ageing workforce, and economic rationalism are already exerting effects on business. In a dynamic and uncertain world, […]

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