Practical Ways to Enhance Psychosocial Safety in Your Workplace

Practical Ways to Enhance Psychosocial Safety in Your Workplace

Across most states in Australia, new legislation has focused increasingly on psychosocial safety, requiring organisations to evaluate and manage hazards and risks. In the past, organisations have often approached this element of safety reactively after an injury or incident has occurred. This tick-and-flick mentality may have included rolling out yoga and free snacks in the […]

The State Of Safety In New Zealand

An Insight Into Our Neighbouring Nation As an Australian-owned company, we share a strong bond with our partners in New Zealand. With so many cultural and geographical similarities between us, you wouldn’t be mistaken for assuming that our statistics and trajectories around safety were similar too. However, when you take a look into the safety […]

Coaching for Safety Excellence

Many safety leaders dream of a workplace where individuals are willing to go above and beyond the base expectation to achieve exemplary safe work performance. But how do we make that dream a reality when so many of us are struggling just to gain compliance with safety policies and procedures? Research at Sentis has revealed that 86% […]

The Trust Equation: 4 Ways to Build Trust for Effective Safety Leadership

When thinking about how to develop a strong safety culture, it’ll come as no surprise that it’s heavily reliant on the relationships between your workers and your leaders. Even if leaders are actively striving to promote safe behaviours, one aspect of effective safety leadership is often overlooked—the importance of building trust. Unlike more tangible efforts […]

How to Empower Employees to Speak Up For Safety

CREATING PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY IN YOUR TEAM Psychological safety is critical to achieving a positive safety culture and minimising unwanted safety behaviours—including underreporting. With a strategic focus on creating trust, security and learning, organisations can empower employees to speak up for safety. Isaac is using a piece of heavy machinery when he notices it isn’t working […]

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