Erzsi Suranyi


Erzsi is a performance specialist who helps clients learn to use their minds to bring about the changes and results they want to achieve. She helps them to shift through mental barriers and develop the vision, motivation and confidence to take the necessary actions to achieve these results. 

Erzsi has performed senior leadership roles in an Aged Care start-up and an ASX listed Property Development Company and has privately consulted to a select group of clients on people-based business solutions. She has also successfully built a private group of family companies in building compliance for the Property Services Industry across Australia, NZ and Western Canada. 

Erzsi has more than 20 years of experience working with people and operational processes specialising in organisational culture, leadership, innovation, relationships, change management and teamwork to bring about new levels of personal and team performances.  

She continually develops her knowledge and application in the fields of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and psychology to bring about positive transformation in her work with individuals, teams and organisations. She also volunteers her time and expertise to not-for-profit organisations that strive to care and make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our community and those in need of our help.  

Erzsi believes nurturing relationships and the potential in oneself and others is the key to a vital life. 

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