Materials Handling [Case Study]

Feb 2, 2016

Client snapshot

  • Global firm specialising in materials handling, reduction technologies and automation
  • Headquartered in Canada with sites in Europe, North America and Australia
  • 1000+ employees


  • Create a stronger, more positive safety culture
  • Increase safety leadership knowledge and skills
  • Improve safety performance


  • Significant increase in self-reported safety leadership behaviours, with improvements ranging from 8-17%

Sentis partnered with a global firm specialising in materials handling, reduction technologies and automation. Extensive collaboration and consultation identified the need to target safety leadership development across the organisation. Together, Sentis and the client partnered to deliver the Sentis 360° Safety Leadership Assessment and training program, followed by a year-long series of individual coaching sessions to promote positive change and sustainable growth in safety leadership knowledge, skills and motivation. As a result, the client saw a marked improvement in safety leadership ability across all eight safety leadership competencies.


Over the course of the safety leadership initiative, Sentis conducted the following activities:

A comprehensive 360° Safety Leadership Assessment was undertaken to provide individuals with information about their safety leadership ability from the perspectives of their direct reports, peers and managers. These results were compared to leaders’ self-reports to establish current strengths and identify areas of discrepancy that signalled opportunities for learning and development.

Using insights gained from the 360° assessment, a safety leadership development pathway program was designed and delivered to up-skill safety leaders. With a clear picture of their own strengths and opportunities, leaders could engage in the program in a way that was most meaningful to them and absorb the knowledge and skills that would be most critical for their personal development.

Personal safety leadership development plans were created to provide an anchor for ongoing leadership coaching sessions. Progression along these development plans was tracked and facilitated by Sentis Consultants during individual sessions. As participating leaders were geographically dispersed, the coaching element of the program was developed to function within a virtual environment, allowing leaders access to a range of coaching delivery formats including face-to-face, teleconference and video conference.


To evaluate the impact of the safety leadership development pathway program, Sentis measured outcomes associated with program participation as well as coaching effectiveness. Results included:

  • 100% of participants indicated that they learned new safety leadership skills and knowledge
  • 100% of participants reported improved confidence to demonstrate safety leadership skills
  • Self-reported performance in all eight safety leadership competencies increased significantly after the program, with improvements ranging from 8%-17%.

Participant feedback has also been extremely positive:

  • “I am much more ‘comfortable’ in implementing our safety program and in leading teams that may lag behind on our safety culture. The course has greatly increased my capacity to feel at ease and walk the talk with regards to safety.”
  • “I have improved my communication skills when it comes time to challenge the teams’ safety behaviours. I also involve the team further in decision-making to give them the feeling of ownership on safety decisions.”

"I am much more ‘comfortable’ in implementing our safety program and in leading teams that may lag behind on our safety culture. The course has greatly increased my capacity to feel at ease and walk the talk with regards to safety."

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