A Roadmap for Change: Setting Your Cultural Transformation Project Up For Success

Feb 9, 2021

Transforming your safety culture is a big job. Cultures can take years to turn around and only do so with targeted investment by leaders. So, where do you start?

Initiatives such as safety training or an incentive plan won’t fix a culture—they’re an important tool but are just one piece of a much bigger puzzle.

For cultural change to be successful, executive alignment and commitment both in principle and in practice are required. This means a commitment of more than just budget. It means committing time and effort to contribute to setting a safety culture goal, creating a plan, managing the process and accepting accountability for delivering on actions.

Download your free Roadmap for Change and discover key steps to consider before kicking off your safety culture improvement process.

Once you have taken the time to review the roadmap, we encourage you to reflect on how you can put into place a personal action plan to support you on your safety culture journey. Consider the key action items you can implement within the next 7 days and in the spaces provided, describe the actions that you can start, stop or continue to facilitate change.

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