AIHS Endorsement for Sentis Safety Leadership Masterclass

Sentis is excited to announce our online 12-week Safety Leadership Masterclass has been endorsed by the Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS). In addition to joining an incredible body of resources for practicing safety professionals of all stripes, this means eligible members can gain 100 Continuing Professional Development Credit (CPD) points by successfully completing the course.   […]

Leadership style crucial to tackling the great workforce divide in utilities

utilities leadership walking through a solar farm

An ‘us versus them’ environment fuels a negative safety culture Utilities are an essential service in the community. Neighbourhoods across the country rely on them to keep switching their lights on, run water from a tap and dispose of their rubbish. Proud of their contribution, workers across this sector are dedicated to a ‘job well […]

Understanding Safety Culture: A Simple Model

safety culture model

Safety culture is an organisations’ shared attitudes, values and beliefs about safety in the workplace—essentially, ‘the way this are done around here’. It influences safety performance and is also a significant factor in predicting the likelihood of safety incidents. In any safety culture there are four overarching dimensions—environment, practices, person and leadership—and organisations need to […]

5 Ways to Start Driving a Positive Safety Culture

Big Changes Start with Small Steps Your organisation’s safety culture is defined by the shared attitudes, beliefs and values that your people hold. In essence, it’s a measure of ‘the way things are done around here’ when it comes to workplace safety. And while many of us would expect our safety culture to be in […]

5 Things We Can Learn from Organisations with Mature Safety Cultures

When seeking to drive safety performance improvement, we often look to previous incidents to see how we can prevent them from reoccurring in the future. But while this is a necessary step in the right direction, if our focus is only based on avoiding mistakes, instead of also actively aspiring towards excellence, we risk a […]

The State Of Safety In New Zealand

An Insight Into Our Neighbouring Nation As an Australian-owned company, we share a strong bond with our partners in New Zealand. With so many cultural and geographical similarities between us, you wouldn’t be mistaken for assuming that our statistics and trajectories around safety were similar too. However, when you take a look into the safety […]

Developing Your Safety Culture Isn’t Set and Forget: The Power of Positive Safety Habits

When it comes to developing a positive safety culture, there’s often a false belief that it’s a once-off activity. You make the decision to invest in developing your culture, you run training and coaching programs across your organisation to shift your team’s perspective around safety, and you enjoy the merits of improved safety outcomes for the foreseeable […]

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