AIHS Endorsement for Sentis Safety Leadership Masterclass

Jan 4, 2023

Sentis is excited to announce our online 12-week Safety Leadership Masterclass has been endorsed by the Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS). In addition to joining an incredible body of resources for practicing safety professionals of all stripes, this means eligible members can gain 100 Continuing Professional Development Credit (CPD) points by successfully completing the course.


The AIHS represents the safety profession in policy, advocacy and standards work, and provides a wide range of services to the field including career support, peer engagement, information services, trusted knowledge as stewards of the OHS Body of Knowledge, and a wide range of professional development and career learning opportunities for health and safety practitioners.


Additionally, the AIHS Certification Program acknowledges the capability and credibility of OHS practitioners and professionals through the combination of their education and work experience. Certification has a high set of international standards for education, experience, demonstrated knowledge and skills, and evaluates applicants against those standards. The endorsement process is rigorous and only the highest quality courses are selected for the certification program.


The inclusion of the Sentis Safety Leadership Masterclass as an endorsed training program is a testament to not only the quality of the course content and delivery, but also its data-driven, practical and contemporary approach to safety leadership in the workplace.


Sentis CEO Anthony Gibbs says this is an important time for high-quality, outcome-driven safety learning.


“The last few years have totally upended both how we work and also how we think about safety. There’s never been a better time to make meaningful changes towards safer workplaces for everybody.”

It’s not just about traditionally safety-focused industries like mining and manufacturing either.

“The concept of a safe workplace is expanding, which is great,” he adds. “Now we’re thinking about not just physical safety but also psychological safety, social safety. Every workplace can benefit from this kind of training.”


The Safety Leadership Masterclass uses our internationally-recognised approach to improving safety outcomes. The course focusses on senior and aspiring safety leaders and how they can create meaningful change in the workplace. We understand that safety leaders are particularly time-poor, and often feel isolated in their roles. With this in mind we’ve taken a new approach, combining short pre-recorded lectures, informative readings and a unique opportunity to connect with peers to discuss learnings week-to-week in live sessions, as well as on our exclusive forum.

When you join our Safety Leadership Masterclass, you’ll be getting access to insights from our team of highly experienced safety culture experts, along with a community manager and facilitator to offer personal support. The feedback so far has been stellar, with glowing reviews from our recent cohort:

“The Safety Leadership Masterclass was really insightful. It’s not often you get to share a room with so many talented and experienced individuals, sharing their stories, learnings and ideas. Over the weeks I really got to see first-hand the challenges our profession faces, regardless of what industry you are in. It was humbling to see everyone working towards the same goal, and coming together to support each other. The speakers were fantastic, they facilitated great conversation and asked thought-provoking questions. I enjoyed being able to watch the lectures in my own time and at my own pace, pausing to reflect and make notes, and completing the assignments along the way.”

– Bennjamin Mathews, National Safety Training and Systems Manager, Kmart.

At Sentis, we’re firm in our belief that regardless of where you are in the world, everyone deserves the right to a safe and secure workplace. If you think the Safety Leadership Masterclass is the right fit for you or one of your colleagues, enrol today. The Safety Leadership Masterclass runs twice per year and AIHS members are eligible for a 20% discount on the standard ticket price. For more information contact the AIHS membership team or visit

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