A partnership with the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF) has seen 80 crew members take part in a pilot program designed to encourage workers to embrace safety and develop a culture beyond compliance.

The cognitive-based safety program, High Performing and Safe Teams, tackled worker attitudes and beliefs towards safety, encouraging staff to take ownership over the safety of both themselves and their colleagues.

In an industry where crew members can be at sea for up to six months at a time, there is a real risk of complacency and poor communication which can directly impact safety. Providing leaders with the tools to influence and better communicate with their teams has resulted in a positive shift out at sea for skippers like Arron Jones.

“I believe that it has made a difference to the people in the fishery in the way that they manage crew, and the way that the crew manage themselves as well.”

The High Performing and Safe Teams program was run by Sentis and funded by the Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership (PIHSP) in collaboration with NPF Industry Pty Ltd, the representative body for operators in the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF).

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