8 Steps to Leading Safety Culture Transformation

Aug 23, 2022

It’s no secret that culture change is hard. But why exactly is it that so many businesses struggle to achieve long-term change, despite a hefty investment in safety?

While it’s true that workforce training, process improvement and leadership development can all improve safety performance, a lack of deliberate change strategy is often the reason businesses fail to see sustainable results. And, more often than not, when these one-off initiatives find their way into the graveyard of failed safety projects, they actually cause more harm than good. When the next attempt at change is made, workforce cynicism and resistance make creating long-term safety culture improvements even harder.

So, how do you lead a successful safety culture transformation?

In this webinar we explored:

  • The science behind the brain’s natural response to change
  • How to challenge this instinct and energise people to embrace change rather than resist it
  • A simple 8 step process for leading safety culture transformation

Supporting Resources

  1. Webinar Slides

To learn more about The Safety Leadership masterclass and how we can help you to create safety culture change in your organisation, get in touch.

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