Engineering Your Organisation for Safety Citizenship Success

May 30, 2018

Occupational health statistics paint a sobering picture of safety performance over the past decade. At a global level, zero harm is still far from realised, as shown by a plateau in safety performance. Between 2003 and 2016, 3414 workers in Australia lost their lives at work. Though there is a slow downwards trend, we see the plateau in safety performance reflected in the consistency of the number deaths per year, with 211 fatalities in 2015, 182 fatalities in 2016 and 175 fatalities in 2017. In Australia, the economic impact of workplace injuries and fatalities remains significant; in 2012-2013, workplace injury and illness cost $61.8 billion (4.1% of GDP).1,2

In this white paper, we explore the concept of Safety Citizenship and why it’s the way forward for organisations seeking to take their safety performance to the next level. We build the case for Safety Citizenship and explore what organisations can practically do to encourage this type of culture.


  • Do we need a fresh perspective on safety management?
  • A Step-Change in Safety Performance
  • The Risks of Complacency
  • Constructing the Conditions for Safety Citizenship
  • Systems, Procedures and Policies
  • Employee Selection and Development
  • Safety Leadership
  • Co-worker Safety Response
  • Job Control
  • How to Avoid Derailment

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