New Incident Diagnostics Provide Clients with a Deeper View of Safety Culture

Mar 23, 2022

Since 2003, Sentis has had one simple mission—to change the lives of organisations and individuals for the better, every day through the development of healthy and empowered workplace cultures. This mission has led to us empowering more than 440 companies and 170,000 individuals to think differently about safety through our powerful, research-backed programs.

As we continue on this mission, we are committed to finding new ways to assist our clients on their journey to a positive safety culture.

Sentis is proud to announce our partnership with Incident Analytics. A Melbourne-based company with a wealth of experience in operational reliability, risk management and safety strategy, Incident Analytics specialises in technology dedicated to deeper learning from unplanned events.

Anthony Gibbs, CEO at Sentis commented: “This exciting partnership enables us to draw from a broad expert base in understanding and using incident data to better assess organisational risk profiles, and to use this data in a proactive and preventative way to get people home safe every day.”

The partnership sees two new offerings join Sentis’ internationally-recognised safety culture diagnostics suite, helping clients to gain an even more complete view of safety in their business. The result is one of the most comprehensive diagnostic offerings available to market, with a focus on organisational culture at every level from the frontline to the boardroom.

Launched in March, the Incident Severity Analysis allows organisations to more accurately pinpoint and focus on incidents with serious or fatal potential, while the Meta Incident Analysis provides further insight into the organisational and leadership factors that influence the management of high-risk work activities.

“By conducting deep dive investigations into existing incident data, clients can not only determine obstacles to operational reliability, but also use this insight to inform organisational strategies to reduce their risk,” says Warren Smith, Founder of Incident Analytics.

Anthony adds: “Our goal is to assist organisations to move away from an incident severity focus and instead, consider incident potential. By interpreting raw safety data and applying a safety culture lens to the findings, we can support clients with their critical risk management strategies.”

There is a lot to be gained by identifying incident trends and leveraging learning from serious incidents.

Whether discovering pockets of excellence that can be transferred to other areas of the business, or uncovering opportunities for immediate focus, a growth mindset is at the core of all insights and recommendations provided by this new partnership. The goal is to create better alignment around key safety outcomes and move beyond the ‘what’ to target the ‘why’.

By utilising the technology provided by Incident Analytics alongside over 19 years’ of Sentis’ research and expertise into workplace safety and psychology, safety data has never been in better hands,” says Warren.

“Corporate governance officials and boardrooms can be assured they are equipped with the most comprehensive data to inform how they govern and support their organisations.”

For a personalised demo of Sentis’ new Incident Severity and Meta Incident Analysis diagnostics, get in touch with our team today.


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